Be Careful of Buying Eid Ul Fitr Gifts Online?

hamper meNowadays, Muslims are fasting and in the beginning of July, they will celebrate Hari Raya. They usually buy Eid Ul Fitr gifts for their beloved ones, such as: parents, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, grandma, grandpa, nephews, and so on. To buy these gifts, most of them visit online stores because they want to save time, energy and money. Unfortunately, they trust online stores as they like so they don’t get good products. They just waste money and get regret and disappointment. Do you plan to buy Hari Raya gifts for your beloved ones online? If you answer yes, be careful of choosing providers because not all of them are reliable. If you give your trust carelessly, you can get disadvantaged because products are:

Low quality

Eid ul fitr gift has contents similar to Gift basket, such as chocolates, fruits, juices, cookies, and much more. Unfortunately, most providers use moment of Idul Fitri to grab profit as much as possible by doing various ways including selling low quality products. They usually offer gifts with cheaper prices so customers are interested in buying those products. Buyers will realize about quality of products after seeing the products directly. They definitely know that high quality products are branded and packaged well and tidily. Meanwhile, contents of gifts that they buy are not branded and packaged well. Even, when tasting taste of contents (especially for foods), they feel that there is something wrong with that contents. You definitely don’t want to make your beloved ones disappointed because they give them loq quality gifts, right?


Do you want to choose foods as contents in your Eidul Fitr gifts? If you answer yes, make sure that you check date expired of foods. If you buy them online, ask providers about this. Don’t let them put or insert expired foods into basket and your beloved ones consume those foods. This will be danger and you will feel guilty at last. To avoid dealing with this problem, ask providers about date expired in detail. Ask them to show date expired of foods that they put in parcel. If they don’t want to do this, you should not trust them unless you want to regret at last.


Buying Hari Raya gifts at unreliable online stores will only make you regret and waste money because they just want to earn money more without paying attention to condition of products. This means that they can insert defective products into basket so products are broken and bad smelled fast. If you think that you can complain them, realize that they will ignore you because they think that it is not important.

Therefore, be careful of buying Ied gifts online. Make sure that you choose well-known and reliable providers, like Flower Advisor that offers high quality products with friendly and reasonable prices. Why should you trust them? They have many years of experience and handle many buyers come from various countries all around the world. Besides, they are ready to help you deliver ordered products to go to anywhere that you want.

Top Reasons People Are Looking Florist Online

Beautiful girl florist with flowers in flowers shop

Interest is a promising business. Therefore, not a few people who seek his fortune by opening a flower shop. This is because the level of demand and the use of interest are quite high, both the flower board, table flowers, bunch of flowers, and flowers standing. Flowers they buy can be used as decoration or as a greeting. By using the flower has become a form as the participation of others who will most likely not be able to attend in person so decided to give utterance through flower arrangements. Sometimes, too, the flowers they buy cannot be bought directly by visiting florist. This is because the time and conditions allow. To get a decent interest given, save time and money. Make people decide to look for an online florist. As for the third reason decided people prefer searching online florist is:


Who became the first reason people decide to look for an online florist because in terms of price. To order flowers online florist, the price offered is cheaper than offline. In addition, the expenditure is more efficient because it does not have to throw fare or gasoline. You can search for florist from home using the internet network. In addition, interest can be directed to the address of the destination. That way, you do not have to work twice to send. The price offered is cheaper because in the virtual world becomes a competitor price for the business. Although many stores online florist offering a relatively cheap price, but you should look at the quality of the florist that does not make you disappointed with the results obtained.

More options

Tells about the florist is certainly related to flowers. Well, you are looking for online florist, it will be more choices and can consider the florist which has an excellent reputation and is not. You have many options with the florist; of course, you will get a florist in accordance with your wishes. Getting a florist in accordance with the wishes of course when you order flowers online, they can be a nice flower arrangement to match expectations. However, by searching florist, directly of course you only find people that alone, but with online you can find a new florist. By getting a new florist, most likely obtained a series other than the usual.

Saving time

The next reason that makes people look at florist flowers online is because of the time. The time it takes to find a florist in person of course, will take time to ask for and search for information. However, by searching online florist will save time. Why? Because you do not have to search for florist. You can search for florist while relaxing at home. Simply by using the Internet connection by opening the desired site. By doing so, you’ll be quicker to get what they want. The time you have can be used for other activities. For that, there is nothing wrong if you want to find flowers by searching online florist manner.

To obtain the desired flower arrangements, not all florists can be crafted it. Therefore, the reason why some people prefer to look for in an online florist.

Common Bad Mistakes by Florist

Delete "MISTAKE"Did you ever buy flowers at the florist and then decided not to return to the flower shop? If ever, it is definitely the reason being dissatisfied with what’s in the store, right? Well, if the reverse is now your job is the florist or florist, do you know that what makes consumers hate you? If you do not know, over time your flower shop will be closed due to quiet the buyer. Of course this does not want to experience, is not it?

Well, to help you find the answer, please read the following explanation:

Poor service

“Hi, if interest for people who loved, nice where are you?” Or “Ma’am, how much the price of this flower? If that was how? “If you ask this question and then the florist says like this” all the nice flowers, choose just up to you! “Or” they’re expensive ya! Just what ya got money how? “, What do you feel? Sure you might be offended and angry and resentful towards the florist. The same thing will be done by prospective buyers in your store if you show indifference and neglect them. Surely they would not want to go back to your flower shop again.

Conversely, if you serve them with sopdan, including answering trivia questions from consumers, they will not hesitate to come back and buy flowers in your shop. In addition, they could become loyal customers because satisfied with the service provided.

Uncomfortable place

Shop is cramped and smelly fertilizer for flowers florist will make you uncomfortable. Although you already provide good service to all visitors, they will think twice to come back to your store. Then, what would you do to solve this problem? The only solution that must be done is to provide a comfortable place. The trick? Arrange the layout of interest as neat as possible based on the type or color and make adequate ventilation so that air can get out into the room with ease. If you have a flower shop with an open concept, be sure to maintain the cleanliness of the place you are selling so that consumers feel comfortable.

flower shop

Prices are not appropriate

Need holding market research first to find and obtain the applicable interest rates and affordable for consumers. Conversely, if the price offered is not appropriate, it is likely consumers not to buy again in your flower shop. Also, avoid determine their own prices without regard to the price offered by your competitors. If you sell too overpriced, of course consumers will move to another flower shop. On the other hand, if you sell too cheap, you will lose money. For that, you need to be wise in determining the price. However, remember not a price war because it would be self-defeating. For example, if in your town, there are three flower shops and stores you one of them. Both stores offer price of one bunch of roses worth 100 thousand and 90 thousand, if you offer less than this price, you will lose. So what do our best? Selling flowers such as market prices and provide value-added so that consumers feel deserve to spend their money. For example, you can provide a unique flower and plastic wrap for free.

Guideliness in Buying Christmas Hamper Online

Christmas-hampersChristmas hampers not only used as a gift to propose a candidate companion of life and give sympathy to the loved one on his special day, but also as a souvenir to relatives and business associates to give the impression of a festive feast of Christmas. To get a Christmas chic hamper, in addition to making your own hands can also make purchases online. Especially at this time hampers providers have been widely circulated on the internet, of course it will be more likely to receive a Christmas hamper easily.

Creating hampers by hand requires a lot of preparation, ranging from equipment used, qualified expertise, until the time required must be sufficient for bouquets hampers successfully assembled properly. Even more so when you’re stuck with the job, would make hampers can take your break. Therefore, it would not hurt if you are considering buying online because it can hamper saving energy, time, and money.

Although hampers online buy relatively more profitable, but do not let you book at random. Make sure you buy hampers properly, ranging from choosing the provider, the type of hampers, until delivery of the purchased package that hampers can be obtained as desired. You can use three guidelines below in buying hampers online.

Recognize credibility FlowerAdvisor

Given hampers providers on the internet today increasingly booming, the main thing to do is to know in advance the credibility FlowerAdvisor or provider. It aims to avoid any acts of fraud that could result in losses. As you already know that there is now widespread cases of fraud in the online world. Therefore, you should not be easily fooled by a provider who offers a variety of attractive offers. You can find information from relatives who often order Christmas hampers or could also see testimonials from customers FlowerAdvisor on the internet. Just a tip, you please join FA google plus here to find FlowerAdvisor precise and reliable.

Just a suggestion, choose FlowerAdvisor already experienced in business hampers so that you can buy and get hampers as expected, for example FlowerAdvisor capable of send Christmas hamper worldwide. Remember, FlowerAdvisor the long run their business would have qualified experience about how to make customers feel comfortable and satisfied with their shopping.

Decide what kind of hampers that will be purchased

To get a proper Christmas hampers you also need to first determine what kind of hampers will be selected, if it is almost fruits, snacks, ceramic, or crystal. Besides matched to the recipient, kind of hampers also be adjusted with the budget you have. What is equally important in this case is do not let you forget that you are almost sure that the message has a good quality. For example hampers of food, you can ask the provider to check back and make sure that the food products are free of harmful ingredients and do not expire.

Know how long the package until

In order to pack on time or before the special day arrives, you need to know approximately how long it lasts package delivery. You can consult it to the provider by providing a clear and complete address so that packets can be up to estimate the right time. Remember, when a new package to the outside of the special day is not likely to reduce the impression of better than hampers given. Therefore, try to find out exactly how long the delivery of the package so that you can order hampers on the right day.

Buy Christmas hampers inherently beneficial because you do not need to spend a lot of time to make and practice the skills in assembling. Just look for and book through the internet, then the packet is ready waiting for his arrival.

Basic Gardening Tips for Flower Shops

Tips for Flower ShopsBeing a merchant of cut flowers is quite promising. Cut flowers quite crowded purchased to decorate the house, into a birthday present, or visit the grave of relatives. Increased increased number of buyers on Mother’s Day and Valentine. Nevertheless, traders cut flowers have a high risk of loss considering the cut flowers that are easy to wilt. For that, the florists have to know how to maintain the quality of cut flowers in order to minimize losses. The following simple tips:

  • Soak the tip of the rod in the water. Water is needed by the interest for growth. Therefore, soak the tip of the stem cut flowers in clean water. Do not forget to always replace the soaking water so that flowers can get a good water supply. In addition, cut the end of flower stems every few days with a slope angle of 45 degrees so that it can absorb water to the maximum. Cuts recommended in the morning to keep the flowers do not wilt after the cut. It could also do the cutting in water.
  • Give preservatives. Florists can use preservatives to keep the quality of cut flowers. There are many flower preservative sellers in the market. If not, can make their own cut flower preservative. Here’s how: take 1 teaspoon of sugar as a nutrient for plants, 1 teaspoon of bleach as a killer bacteria, 2 teaspoons lemon juice as a beverage plant, and 1 liter of warm water. Only then enter the cut flowers that will be sold.
  • Dispose of the withered flower parts. Discard any that are still with their roots still sometimes wilt for the leaves or petals, especially flowers that have been cut. If part either cut flowers or petals wilted or yellowed leaves, throw it away as soon as possible. Do not let the part affects other parts of the flower.
  • Keep away from direct exposure to sunlight. Sunlight is necessary for plants to photosynthesis. It’s just too excessive sunlight can absorb water inside the plant so that the trigger wither. Therefore, keep cut flowers from direct exposure to sunlight. If necessary put cut flowers in a refrigerated room.

Being florists have to have the skill of the plant. Otherwise, the uncontrollable loss will face. Want to become florists? If you do not have your own garden, follow these tips when buying flowers: make sure the flower stems in the harsh conditions and wet (if already soggy means flower has been cut about 24 hours ago), you should select the flowers are still buds so that interest is not quickly wither, and provide room with cold temperatures to keep the moisture interest.

Today there are many traders cut flowers and the numbers will probably increase ahead of certain moments such as Mother’s Day or Valentine. That is, it should have a strategy to attract the attention of potential consumers to not glance cut flower shop owned competitors. How to? First, make sure the location is within easy reach cut flower shop. If necessary for the website to simplify the ordering of cut flowers by consumers.

Second, offer cut flowers at affordable rates. Better profit a little, but fortunately smoothly than many faltered. Third, providing an attractive flower arrangements. If it is for the lover, to offer complete with chocolates, dolls, or other prizes as well as greeting cards. Lastly, can provide delivery order which will deliver cut flowers according to the desired moment. Promises will come on time when in town.